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CLSX Talks: Philipp Blom x Karsten Witt

Karsten Witt in conversation with historian and book author Philipp Blom, who will be the speaker on our theme "Where are you going?" at our concert on November 6, 2022 in the Berlin Philharmonie. His new book has just been published by Hanserverlag - "Die Unterwerfung - Anfang und Ende der menschlichen Herrschaft über die Natur. "Today's music is created in times of historical acceleration, a traumatic and overwhelming experience we all share. Again and again, old certainties are overturned. The climate crisis is also a result of this acceleration. With it, the idea that humans can control nature is also shaken. But if we are not the beings who can subdue the earth - then who are we? Where is Homo sapiens going?

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