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CLSX is an initiative of Karsten Witt Music Management. Together with our partners, we organize stimulating concerts with outstanding artists - in the Philharmonie Berlin, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and other venues in Germany and abroad. We present exciting interpretations of the classical repertoire as well as neglected masterpieces and music of our time. We are particularly interested in innovative forms of presentation and mediation that incorporate other arts. With CLSX we address a curious international classical music audience.

hiddenCLSX - Masterpieces of the 20th century

hiddenCLSX is a new concert series specially designed for the Berlin Philharmonie. has been conceived. First-class international orchestras present masterpieces of the 20th century in probably the most beautiful concert hall of the modern age. This new initiative focuses on the further development of the repertoire as well as the concert formats. repertoire as well as concert formats - at a time when the repertoire of international symphonic symphonic concerts is increasingly impoverished and touring orchestras almost almost exclusively standard programs with a small canon of works from the 19th and 19th and early 20th century works.... It is thus aimed at a growing international audience with a wide range of musical interests and a curiosity interests and curiosity and openness for new forms of events. A fixed component of the events are independent speeches by scholars and artists, which refer to certain aspects of the respective programs. programs.


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